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The Indian Clubs & Rotational Training is a system of body/mind conditioning that exercises and develops mobility, coordination, strength, fluidity and rhythm with the use of clubs and maces.

Clubs are one of the most ancient weapons developed by humankind since the beginning of time. Human survival evolved along the use of such primary artifacts. Complete systems of martial arts were developed in ancient Hindu-Persian, Greek, and Far East cultures around the use of a variety of clubs, maces, spears, and further expanded with more refined technologies and materials.

Classic Indian club swinging was exported to Europe and popularized by the British during colonial times (19th century). It is typically executed with a pair of light clubs (1lbs to 2lbs each). It appeared as a gymnastic event in the 1904 and 1932 Olympics and became a training routine for military cadets in the UK and in the US at the time. In Southern India, the ancient art of swinging heavy wooden clubs is an integral part of a complete system of physical culture and wellness called Karlakattai. In the rest of India, it is mainly associated with the practice of Kushti (Indian wrestling), and the clubs are known as mudgar or mugdar.

At StoneSong, our approach to Indian clubs and rotational training is grounded on the Karlakattai tradition of the ancient Tamil culture of South India. Eduardo has been studying and practicing under the guidance of Aasaan (teacher) Karthik Vilwanathan and Grandmaster Aasaan Dr Jothi Senthil Kannan of Jothi Silambam Kshakthiriya Gurukulam in Pondicherry, India. As children born from mother India, Yoga and Karlakattai share deep cultural and philosophical roots and a special synergy in their harnessing of the power of breath as a fundamental aspect of the practice.

The benefits of a sustained Indian clubs practice are not limited to the physical realm. We can also develop greater access to states of relaxed concentration, expansive perception, and an overall sense of vitality and purpose that carry us to the highest expression of one's own nature and toward the fulfillment of one's responsibilities to oneself, to others, and to the planet. This ancestral practice embraces an ethical code that values honesty, kindness, compassion, generosity, courage, and justice.

Indian Clubs & Rotational Training Formats:

* Private on-line 1hr sessions
* Workshops and Series (on-line and in-person)

For more information and to schedule sessions, please email us at

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