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Our Breathwork & Meditation program constitutes a trove of practices and a methodology by which we can explore and realize the remarkable capabilities of the human cognitive functions.

It is the intrinsic nature of the breath and the mind to be in a constant state of flow. Now, the quality of their flow is not always smooth, unhindered, and harmonic. When our mind and breath are established in a mutually supporting rhythm, we unlock the true power of our mind: clarity, discernment, ingenuity, intuition, memory.

Rhythm is one of the main factors in bringing the body, mind, and breath to a state of balance. In such state of balance and rhythm, our attention and energy are fully invested and yet it feels effortless and self-propelling.

A dedicated breathwork and meditation practice creates opportunities to tune into the rhythm and grace of Nature, and generates the necessary energy, determination, and focus to break through our conditioning and see beyond previously held limitations and beliefs. Such practice cultivates an adaptable and fluid consciousness in our physical movement, our intellectual pursues, and our social engagements, and fosters creativity, vitality and a sense of curiosity which are expressions of a vibrant and resilient life and wellbeing.

Our Breathwork & Meditation program is anchored in the ancient and unbroken tradition of the Himalayan sages known as Vishoka Meditation (VM). VM is not just a meditation technique, but a complete system of gentle movement, breathing techniques, systematic relaxation, and meditation. It provides a step-by-step methodology as these teachings were traditionally meant to be passed on and implemented. VM taps into the bio-intelligence of the body to approach and reveal the power of the breath and mind.

Our mission is to provide you with these techniques and the know-how to establish and maintain a consistent and fruitful practice that is integrated and fully supporting of your daily routine and engagements.

Breathwork & Meditation Program Formats:

* Private on-line 1hr sessions
* Workshops and Series (on-line and in-person)

For more information and to schedule sessions, please email us at

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