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Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks

This retreat is designed for those interested in deepening their relationships with plants, connecting to the local landscape, and learning how to be better stewards of Nature. Participants will be introduced to a variety of wild, local plants which have been used for food, medicine, and craft for many generations of First Nations and European traditions. Yoga, meditation, and a fire circle are also integral parts of this experience.

You will learn: • basic plant identification • wildcrafting ethics • useful tools and equipment • medicinal, edible, and craft uses of plants • harvesting, post-harvest handling, processing and storing methods • incorporating wild food and medicine in your diet and lifestyle.

NATURE AS RITUAL: A Sacred Women's Retreat

Women’s rhythms are tied to cycles of nature and of the planet. On this deeply nurturing and inspiring retreat, we will honor nature’s archetypal energies and wisdom, which are also reflected in divine feminine archetypes from around the globe. During the weekend, ritual and ceremony will help pay tribute to progress on our personal and spiritual journeys, to cleanse and release what is ready to be let go, and to awaken our awareness of our true selves, and to cultivate powerful energetic tools and techniques to support us on our paths. Come prepared for intentional time with nature – cloud watching, fire ceremony, moon bathing, earthing, river floating. We will also practice yoga asana, transformational breathing, deep relaxation, awakened art, guided meditations, chanting, sound healing, shamanic drumming, soothing self-care practices, and sacred listening and speech.

You will come away from the weekend rejuvenated, balanced and renewed through:
• Greater connection to the sacred feminine and the elements of nature
• Heightened awareness of the wisdom and grace present in your daily life
• Participation in a community of awakened women
• Practical knowledge of how to access the power and support of the divine feminine
• The energetics of yoga postures so you can design efficient practices to meet your evolving needs
• Secret insights from ancient yogic and shamanic traditions to support you on your journey


This retreat is designed for those who are interested in going deep into their healing. Participants will receive three acupuncture treatments in a group setting and one individual acupuncture treatment. There are times when it is necessary to receive more frequent acupuncture treatments in order to go deeper within or to experience greater healing. This retreat provides this opportunity. Participants will be able to delve deeper into their own healing within the beautiful, natural setting of Western Maryland. Healing in a natural setting also opens the body up to profound states of relaxation and communion with nature.

The weekend begins with an opening circle to state our intentions for the weekend as well as to provide participants with tools for self-observation and reflection. We’ll tap into the wisdom and intelligence of these two ancient health practices to set in motion needed adjustments for greater and sustainable health, clarity, and contentment. During the three group sessions, needles will be placed on the ears or on the hands and feet, and participants will be guided through a meditation or yoga nidra. The group energy and collective intention sets the stage for greater possibility of healing and contemplation. The individual acupuncture treatment will be tailored more specifically to you and aligned to the intention you set for the weekend. We'll close the weekend with a sharing circle to help reaffirm and integrate what was learned or received during the retreat.

Participants will also enjoy:

• Guided Nature walks
• Delicious, healthy meals
• Unstructured free time
• Outdoor hot tubbing
• All levels Yoga

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